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Volume 24 : Issue 1

Issue 24:1 – Featured Article

Regulating the Impending Transformation of the Meat Industry: “Cultured Meat”

By Jaden Atkins

The year is 2022. You and your friend are hungry, so you go down the street to your friend’s favorite new burger joint for lunch. You sit down and tell the waiter that you want a burger with cheese, medium rare. Fifteen minutes later, your food comes out. You take a bite. It tastes just like the burgers your dad used to grill—right down to the ridiculous amount of grease and the red, slightly undercooked center. About halfway through your burger, your friend mentions, “Yeah, I like this place because they serve those new burgers grown in labs. It’s good for the environment!” You stop chewing and consider spitting it out, but you decide against it, reluctantly swallowing. Grown in a lab, what does that mean? Is this a joke? . . . [Read More]

January Editor of the Month

Hope McKnight

Each month a member of JTLP who has done an exemplary job as an Editor, performed community service, been published, or received an award is recognized here.

Congratulations to Hope McKnight on her selection as Editor of the Month for January!