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Volume 23 : Issue 2

Featured Article

Your Spying Smartphone: Individual Privacy Is Narrowly Strengthened in Carpenter v. United States The U.S. Supreme Court’s Most Recent Fourth Amendment Ruling

By Vania Mia Chaker

Recently, the United States Supreme Court wrestled with the profoundly complex and bedeviling issue of individual privacy in the landmark case of Carpenter v. United States. . . . Against a backdrop of stunningly advanced surveillance technology and the strictures of the United States Constitution, the question of how individual privacy comports with the need for police investigation is a complex and impressively difficult one. In the current political landscape, judicial vigilance becomes increasingly important in protecting the appropriate dimensions of individual privacy. The grave risks of governmental abuse may militate in favor of strengthened judicial oversight in determining the parameters of the state’s broad investigative powers. Strong privacy protections may indeed serve to function as a safeguard against the risks of governmental overreach, police misconduct, and improper warrantless surveillance.

Editor of the Year

James Dority

Congratulations to incoming Executive Research Editor James Dority on his selection by the 2018-19 Editorial Board as this year’s Editor of the Year!