The Journal of Technology Law & Policy (JTLP) is a scholarly legal journal devoted to the discussion of relevant technology issues, including, but not limited to, patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, antitrust, information privacy, and computer law. The Journal is one of four co-curricular journals produced at the University of Florida Fredric G. Levin College of Law (UF Law).

Since its founding in Fall 1995, the Journal steadily emerged as one of the foremost national intellectual property and technology law academic publications. The Journal began as a project of the Internet and Computer Law Association, a University of Florida student organization. The Journal became a fully accredited independent academic journal in Spring 1999.

In the Spring of 2016, the Journal began to publish its articles fully online. The Journal hopes to reach a wider audience and to allow the Journal to be on the cusp of current and relevant topics to the legal society. The new website hosting the Journal’s online publication also affords members an opportunity to demonstrate their legal writing and analysis on the Journal’s forum. Member contributions to the forum can then be easily accessed and reviewed by potential employers and interviewers.

Membership in the Journal is limited to students at the College of Law, who exclusively review and edit the Journal, under the supervision and guidance of a College of Law faculty advisor. Students in good academic standing may compete in each year’s unified writing competition. If the work demonstrates superior analysis and writing skills, the Journal extends an offer of membership. Students may also be eligible for membership on the Journal based on outstanding academic achievement in their first year of law school.

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