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Volume 27.1 (October of 2022)


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Volume 26.1

  • [Link] The New McCarthyism: How the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Got Automated License Plate Readers and the Mosaic Theory All Wrong by Dan Noffsinger; Navigating the Speech Rights of Autonomous Robots in a Sea of Legal Uncertainty by Lynne Hygby

Volume 25.1

  • [Link] Digital Greenbacks a Sequenced ‘Treasury Direct’ and ‘Fed Wallet’ Plan for the Democratic Digital Dollar by Robert Hockett 
  • [Link] Defending Face-Recognition Technology (and Defending Against It) by Henry H. Perritt, Jr. 
  • [Link] Surveillance Capitalism by William Hamilton 

Volume 24.1

  • [Link] Regulating the Impending Transformation of the Meat Industry: “Cultured Meat” by Jaden Atkins
  • [Link] Fake News (& Deep Fakes) and Democratic Discourse by Russell L. Weaver
  • [Link] The Data Breach Epidemic: A Modern Legal Analysis by Laura A. Hendee
  • [Link] HB 409, A Drastic Departure From Florida’s Traditional Stance on Will Execution Formalities by Justin Shifrin

Volume 23.2

  • [Link] Look! It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! No, It’s a Trespassing Drone by Nancy K. Carr
  • [Link] We Need to Talk About Data: How Digital Monopolies Arise and Why They Have Power and Influence by Daniel McIntosh
  • [Link] The Psychological and Virtual Siege of Loot Boxes by Elpidio K. Cruz
  • [Link] A New Age of Authentication by Abraham Oxner

Volume 23.1

  • [Link] Intellectual Contract and Intellectual Law by Daniel F. Spulber
  • [Link] The California Consumer Privacy Act: Towards a European-Style Privacy Regime in the United States? by Stuart L. Pardau
  • [Link] Benefit of the But-For Bargain: Assessing Economic Tools for Data Privacy Litigation by Mike Kheyfets
  • [Link] Child Privacy in the Digital Age and California’s Child Deletion Statute by Michael Shepherd

Volume 22.1

  • [Link] Blunt Machetes in the Patent Thicket: Modern Lessons from the History of Patent Pool Litigation in the United States Between 1900 and 1970 by Gavin Clarkson & Joshua Newberg
  • [Link] Fixing the Sample Music Industry: A Proposal For a Sample Compulsory License by Maxwell Christiansen
  • [Link] Note: The End of the War As We Know It: How an Act of Cyber Warfare Could Impact the U.S. Energy Grid by Ashley M. Berger
  • [Link] Comment: Mavrix’s Misguided Guidelines: An Offense Against the DCMA Safe Harbor Defense by Bobby Desmond

Volume 21.2

  • [Link] Keeping the Internet Invisible: Television Takes Over by Henry H. Perritt, Jr.
  • [Link] Autonomous Vehicle Testing Legislation: A Review of Best Practices From States on the Cutting Edge by Rustin Diehl & Matthew I. Thue
  • [Link] It’s a Deal: Forging Media Rights Deals in Response to Spectator Live Streaming by Samanta C. Franchim
  • [Link] The Only Certainty is Uncertainty: Patent Claim Construction in the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit by Rainey C. Booth Jr.
  • [Link] Comment: Suicide by Text: The Case of Michelle Carter by Ashley B. Chin

Volume 21.1

  • [Link] Remarks from the 5th Annual Antitrust Law Leaders Forum – Antitrust: Helping Drive the Innovation Economy by Renata B. Hesse
  • [Link] Note: You Can’t Hack This: The Regulatory Future of Cybersecurity in Automobiles by Liz Allison
  • [Link] Essay: Internet Ethics, American Law, and Jewish Law: A Comparative Overview by Gertrude N. Levine & Samuel J. Levine
  • [Link] Fintech and Disruptive Business Models in Financial Products, Intermediation and Markets – Policy Implications for Financial Regulators by Iris H-Y Chiu
  • [Link] Comment: Electronic Surveillance: National Security and the Preservation of the Rights Guaranteed by the Fourth Amendment by Valentin I. Arenas

Volume 20.2

  • [Link] Full-Court Press: Fantasy Sports, The Right of Publicity, and Professional Athletes’ Interest in the Live Transmission of Their Statistical Performances by Michael B. Greenberg
  • [LinkBowers v. Baystate Technologies: The Unfair Use Doctrine of Reverse Engineering by Nicholas Camillo
  • [Link] iSearch into the iPhone by Kristen Vogl
  • [Link] Corporate Compliance in the Computer Age by Sean G. Hipworth
  • [Link] Cybersecurity Oversight: A Cautionary Tale For Directors by Harris Yegelwel

Volume 20.1

  • [Link] The Coming Ubiquity of ADA Compliance to the Internet and its Extension to Online Education by Nathaniel Vargas Gallegos & Jesse Sealey
  • [Link] Crime in the Evolved Digital Age by Anar Patel
  • [Link] Breaking Encryption and Gathering Data: International Law Applications by Grant Hodgson
  • [Link] The Undue Reliance on Physical Objects in the Regulation of Information Products by Pascale Chapdelaine
  • [Link] Comment: A Cautionary Tale: Avoid Cutting Corners in Computer Software Copyright by Sean Stephen Crisafulli

Volume 19.2

  • [Link] Show Me The Metadata: The Case to Standardize Automatic Metadata Production for E-mail Communications by Cory Simmons-Edler
  • [Link] A Brief History of Supreme Court Interest in Patent-Eligible Subject Matter Under 35 U.S.C. § 101 by John W. Cox & Joseph L. Vandegrift
  • [Link] The Ripple Effect of Intellectual Property Policy: Empirical Evidence from Stem Cell Research and Development by Yael Bregman-Eschet, Sharon Bar-Ziv, Talya Ponchek, & Niva Elkin-Koren
  • [Link] Comment: The Lack of Pre-Emption for Prescription Drugs: How Juries Have Replaced the FDA as Medical Experts; 133 S. Ct. 2466 (2012) by Deryk Loiacono